A recognised brand, a permanent network of distributors, well-established market position – ideal conditions to create a strictly brand awareness building fanpage. The task: to win over 10,000 fanpage fans in half a year – this was my first KPI in MakoLab. To be honest – building a loyal, cemented community and brand advocates network took more time than assumed, but it brought much more satisfaction.

International Paper is my first client, that’s why I remember so well when my boss said: That’s a bit of a challenge, as the topic is far from social – office papers.

The white and red POLspeed paper for printers – produced in Kwidzyn – is a widely recognised product and has been used by Poles for years. Not everyone, though, knows that – in addition to the production – IP supports ecological activities, and also works with Cała Polska Czyta Dzieciom (eng. Poland Reads to Children), PAH and Pajacyk foundations. A lot of positive things happen – that’s why we have made them the pillars of the communication. The idea was to target the content at the people who are genuinely into the children well-being, and it turned out that we hit the jackpot.

In December 2016 the POLPaper fanpage exceeded the goal of 10 000 fans – thus meeting the challenge of 10k number by the end of that year. At this point, we also had a clear view of the group – 81% of POL fans were women.

What is more, the majority of 24-44 age group were mothers, who showed truly positive reactions to content promoting reading among children, as well as activities for the youngest: paper decorations, cutouts, stickers or origami. The posts also involved products promotion – mainly PolSpeed line, paper production and its use curiosities, calligraphy and paper art. High click-through rates for events highlights (e.g. Children’s Day at the University Children’s Hospital in Krakow) have confirmed that our strategy of building the brand image as socially involved is highly effective. However, it was the competitions that brought the most significant organic reach and the highest activity rate.

The first holiday season contest was well received by the fans – the post-contest gallery album received 7848 clicks and 296 reactions, while organically reaching 2316 users:


The competition posts earned the highest organic reach of all content added and got the highest number of reactions, comments and shares – thus confirming the effectiveness of this form of user activation.

What is more, the heart-winning activities were cyclic competitions with POL-branded inserta as prizes, e.g. special edition of classic fairy tales series (exciting illustrations and the language adapter to preschoolers level). The series, under the patronage of the Cała Polska Czyta Dzieciom (eng. Poland Reads to Children),  foundation, included stage directions and paper props – to have an excellent family time playing the story of Cinderella, Puss in Boots or Hansel and Gretel. The competition tasks were easy but engaging – sometimes the fans would send us poems, describe personal experiences, post pictures of artworks and even their authors (their children!) – which proves massive trust in the brand. The success of fairy-tale contests was their formula – we tried to ensure that all users who correctly performed the competition task received prizes. If we had a limited number of books, we sent consolation prizes – for everyone to feel they won. This positive reinforcement cemented the community. The fans would invite their friends to participate and recommended the books in the competition posts comments:







Cyclicality has proved to be the key to success. The fans wanted to get the entire collection, so they actively followed the content on the fanpage so as not to miss the competitions:




The booklets would arouse discussions on reading to the youngest – which was in line with the policy of the brand, supporting the Cała Polska Czyta Dzieciom foundation. The natural flow of the conversation translated into engagement:


Cyclicality also means the sequence of the content: competition subject teasers, competition post, post-competition post – the order that guarantees interest retention:


To get confident in the attractiveness and applicability of the content to the fans preferences, we would not hesitate to gather their suggestions through a poll – and later on, to implement them in real-life activities:


The fans’ opinions were also reflected in their reviews/ recommendations:


The essential element of the dialogue with the community was also seasonal content. To maintain the authenticity of the message, we tried to create original copy and, if possible, add our photos. In return, we would receive best wishes from the fans – both in the comments and via messages:




We quickly noticed that a group of the most dedicated fans was crystallizing – actively commenting on posts or communicating with the fan page via Messenger. To appreciate them, we would send them POL-cal calendars, along with our best wishes, which was positively received:


The most valuable advantage of building an authentic relationship with the fans is that in crises, the fans remain loyal – they defend the brand and often counteract the escalation of the conflict – e.g.:


We’ve had little conflict in the history of POL fanpage. This might be because on many occasions,  at times such as Sunday, 23:20, it was the users who would write back to the would-be haters. Brand advocates can do real wonders!

At the moment, because of the brand rebranding and the 30th anniversary of IP operations in Poland, the cycles and forms of fanpage users engagement keep slowly changing – but what is the most important remains unchanged. The loyal fans willingly engage in POL online activity, share the photos, comment and recommend the activity to their friends. Which strongly proves that office papers are very social. 😊

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