I am constantly on the go. And that’s not just about hiking, which I love. After graduating from the Faculty of Technical Physics, Information Technology and Applied Mathematics of Lodz University of Technology and obtaining a PhD at the Faculty of Chemistry in the field of Theoretical Chemistry, I worked as assistant professor and lecturer at the Lodz University of Technology (molecular modelling), the University of Humanities and Economics (e-commerce/cryptography) and the National Film School in Lodz (computer graphics).

In 1989 I founded Mako Typesetting, which I transformed into MakoLab in 1993. Between 1996 and 2000 I worked abroad: first as a scientist and programmer at HyperCube, Inc. In Waterloo, Canada, then as manager of IT projects and systems designer at HyperCube USA, Inc. in Gainseville, Florida, USA.

In 2007, MakoLab was transformed into a joint stock company and debuted on the Warsaw Stock Exchange Market, and I assumed the function of Vice-President of the Board of MakoLab SA.

Recently, I supervised MakoLab’s transformation into a Digital Solutions Agency that specializes in digital services for the automotive and financial industries. I am proud of the company’s dynamically operating departments around the world: in Warsaw, Paris, London and in Gainseville, USA.

I also had the pleasure to launch the Research and Development team at MakoLab SA that deals with semantic technologies, among other things. As part of these activities, I organized 3 international conferences (MakoLab Semantic Day in Paris and Warsaw) and initiated MakoLab’s cooperation with the schema.org team (a consortium of Google, Bing & Yahoo) and the EDMC consortium (which involves companies from the financial sector). As a result of our cooperation, extensions of schema.org were created for the automotive industry and the banking sector.

I am the founder and co-administrator of two communities within the W3C – GAO (automotive ontologies) and FIBO (a financial ontology).

I enjoy the support of my loving wife and two wonderful children. I am also happy to work for the Monumentum Iudaicum Lodzense foundation in Łódź, where I am a member of the Board. I am also the founder of the World Without End Publishing House that popularizes unusual translations of the Bible to the Polish language.

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