January 25th witnessed our third edition of Makoinspirations, which was held in combination with the 6th edition of the acclaimed Mako Bowling Cup. The meeting took place at the Grakula bowling club in Manufaktura, Łódź.

In keeping with tradition, this year’s Makoinspirations started with an encouraging speech by the Board. President Wojtek Zieliński summarised Makolab’s 2017, highlighting how it was a good year for the company and then presented us with the strategic goals and assumptions for the rest of 2018. Following this, Mirek Sopek, our Vice-CEO, provided a deeper insight into the Mako projects implemented as part of the newly-established MakoLab USA branch and also the operations of our R&D teams in the new Delivery Centre in Lublin.

Coinciding with the event was a visit to our Łódź office by our Mako UK team. To mark the occasion, Jonathan Denby, Business Director in Great Britain, also gave a speech about the current state of business in our UK branch. Jonathan spoke about the on-going activities of MakoLab UK and it’s new clients, and further presented his vision of the key digital trends for the coming year. The presentation was very inspiring and reasserted how our commitment to keeping pace with technology has enabled us to have all the knowledge and skills necessary to provide our clients with solutions based on the very latest trends. It looks like we are on course for a fantastic 2018!

Makoinspirations also provides a great time to reflect and rearticulate Makolab’s employer branding. We gave our appreciation to those who have been working in Mako for a very long time. Jarek Domińczak, MakoLab Data Center Director, started working at Mako 17 years ago, back when Windows XP entered the market. Only slightly after this – at 16 years ago – joined Adrian Szulc and Jacek Gutowski. As is traditional, they were each presented with t-shirts as a thank you to their commitment and passion for Makolab. Alongside our longest serving, we also distinguished and awarded the leading Makoinfluencers who had created exceptionally engaging content on our Makoblog. The informative texts published in 2017 brought with them substantive value to Makolab, which is why we thanked all our authors for their commitment. By the decision of a Mako jury, who thoroughly analysed each article’s statistics in Google Analytics and on social media, the 3 most engaging articles published in the second half of 2017 were:
1. Przemek Zapart – Google Data Studio in practice – how we prepared a Police statistics report
2. Piotr Subko – 7 facts and myths on recruiting in IT
3. Marta Ostrowska, Tomasz Soszyński for an interview – How to be a good boss? 

If you have not read them yet, it’s time to catch up! We invite you cordially to visit our blog and read our posts. This year there will be even more!
After the official and inspirational part of the Makoinspirations event, at around 5:00 pm we ventured onto the alleys and started the 6th installation of the Mako Bowling Cup. This year 36 teams entered, making the smooth running of the tournament quite a challenge, but we managed! The BMW MG team turned out to be the best, second place was taken by the 2 Sławy team and the third by Conflu Ninja. Congratulations! 🙂

VI MakoBowling Cup results:
I place BMW MG – Michał Miązek i Grzegorz Jóźwiak
II place 2 Sławy – Przemek Zapart, Radek Gardys
III place – Conflu Ninja – Włodzimierz Mrozek, Tadeusz Zabierowski
IV place – CH3OH – Jarek Domińczak, Michał Makowiecki

The next Makoinspirations meeting will be held next quarter.

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