I started working at MakoLab when I was in the second semester of my engineering degree. At this time, I worked as a trainee, joining the team that created the property management system – ColDis. The people I had the pleasure of working with taught me the specifics of working for an IT company, working with clients, and analytical problem-solving. It turned out that they are also great people in private life.

After three years working in the Makolab branch at Demokratyczna street, I moved to the main office in Lodz and joined to the Front-End team. Here my role shifted and I instead came to oversee the care of employees involved in creating user interfaces – a direction I was enthusiastic to follow. In retrospect, I can say that this was fantastic decision. Front-end technologies today are heavily involved in the software development process. By observing the emergence of web applications from the design stage of the UX, to designing tailor-made solutions, to testing the final effects on the relevant devices, I am extremely satisfied with my work. Besides, I work with great people who approach their work professionally and from whom I continually improve in my technical knowledge.

I am currently responsible for maintaining and developing the user interface in the financial simulator project for RCI Banque, a financial institution owned by the Renault Nissan Alliance. My ambition is to constantly learn new technological solutions and perform my duties with due diligence and attention to detail.

Apart from work – I am interested in photographing the beauty of our nature; in winter I develop my skiing skills and in warmer days I help my father with the construction of a house on the Chodecki lake.

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