„In their recent book 'Rebooting AI: Building Artificial Intelligence we can trust,' Gary Marcus and Ernest Davis express what many researchers and practitioners of AI already realized: that '… something fundamental is still missing'. And to demystify their meaning of „something' they clarify: „To make progress, we need two things to get started: an inventory of what kind of knowledge a general intelligence should have, and an understanding of how this knowledge would be represented, clearly and unambiguously in a self-contained fashion, inside a machine.'

In this whitepaper we propose and describe a methodology invented and implemented by MakoLab R&D team to address the fundamental challenge of practical knowledge management. The methodology that is now being used in the process of creation of the suite of products under an umbrella name: KnowML.

Of course, we do not pretend to have found the ultimate solution to the problem, as it exists on the fundamental level of general intelligence and its absence from today's AI/ML applications. However, we believe we have made a small, yet vital step toward that goal.

Find out more on our approach, methodology and discoveries. Sign in to download our whitepaper „KnowML. Knowledge Discovery through Machine Learning'.


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