It’s no secret that Google is remaking itself as a machine learning first company and this means that machine learning also plays a pivotal role in search. But what does that mean really, when it comes to your digital presence, branding, and marketing?

There are three small trends you need to keep in mind and they are important for your entire business not just whoever is designated to be in charge of SEO. In order of importance, they are Connectedness, Structure and Logic.



This is about breaking down dividing walls and siloed departments. Every company these days is a data company. And as Stewart Brand famously said “information wants to be free” its value only increases when it can be used to synch company-wide efforts and amplify the activities of others within the organization. Achieving this connectedness, both within the organization in the way departments create and share information and without where different web properties (website, social media presence, video and podcasts and so on), advertising, publicity and marketing are concerned requires clear guidelines regarding communication and a strong sense of shared values and corporate identity.



It is no longer enough to just provide a repository for data to exist within the organizational walls. In order to really have value data now need to have some kind of categorization which means that there is real need for a structure where taxonomy and grouping are necessary. In addition there has to be a way to apply context and priority to data retrieval requests as well as some sort of overall organization to the way data is presented to the searcher. This is now an enterprise-wide imperative. Unstructured data, within the organization, is likely to have deep negative effects as we move forward.



Everything now has to make sense. If the brand message doesn’t align with the marketing message and neither of these two make a lot of sense in terms of internal corporate values the chances are that data is being mislabeled and decisions are being made that will cause issues in the future. Organizational alignment requires organizational restructuring, better internal communications and the development of a unified message. It also requires greater transparency and accountability than ever before. Done right, content creation and marketing activities become easier and branding gets a massive boost.

In the new world of today’s search, branding, marketing and a company’s core values directly impact upon each other. The key here is alignment and this requires real, lasting change and a new mindset. Nothing else will deliver the positive outcomes a modern business, seeks.

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