Do you need a business partner who will help you run the project globally? Or maybe you want to become a content manager and participate in the implementation of global projects for the most notable car brands in the world? We thought that before you decide to choose a business partner or think about your professional future, it is worth learning more about the implementation of international projects. We have been working in this field with Renault for 17 years, and we know quite a lot about it. We decided to share one of our projects, globally implemented in 2019. See how we migrated Renault and Dacia websites to the ONE platform in Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Hungary.


What is the ONE platform, and what does it allow?

The new global ONE platform has been prepared by Renault headquarters and is based on the Adobe Experience Manager solution. Each of the websites – PL, CZ, SK, HU, has changed the graphic design and is optimized to the needs of modern Internet users. These are customers, both those looking for a new car and interested in the Renault or Dacia brand or already owning a car and looking for information on after-sales service. Users can obtain information on the available range of car models, compare the specifications of various equipment and engine versions, download a brochure or price list, learn about available accessories, and limited series. Configurators are also available so that users can adjust the version, engine, equipment, and configuration of their future car. Users can arrange a test drive online, ask for an offer, or make an appointment on the website via available web forms. They can also quickly locate the nearest Renault or Dacia service centres and service centres in the country. The new site has a reduced loading time, which makes it easier to browse, especially on mobile devices.

Our task was to adapt and migrate content from current pages to new platform templates, connect forms and configurators, and help coordinate implementation within the EAST region (Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary). Our support team actively participated in the process of creating digital marketing support solutions, which include migration work from the Helios to ONE platform, website updates in CMS, and the creation of entirely local websites and solutions (from the design process to implementation, hosting and maintenance).

We coordinated activities at the Cluster EAST level, reporting to countries and the cluster headquarters. We actively participated in meetings regarding platform improvements with teams from Renault headquarters and individual countries,  managed content on pages in the context of texts and multimedia. We implemented and configured new functionalities provided by the Head Office. We also created dedicated minisites and optimized them for SEO purposes.


Coordinating work throughout the EAST region was a challenge …

… which fell on us. What did our whole team do as a topic coordinator? We provided information about the progress of work on projects throughout the region (Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary), we kept our finger on the pulse in the context of controlling the timeliness of processes and the systematic and correct implementation of tasks performed. It was up to us to prepare reports with the status of work as well as setting the schedule for introducing updates and news proposed by Renault Headquarters with the EAST countries based on arrangements with Renault Polska. We also managed dedicated space in Confluence, updating documentation and ensuring the correct flow of information between Renault Headquarters, particular countries, and the MakoLab team. Meetings known as Features update were important – during them, solutions implemented by the Head Office were presented and the client decided whether to implement functionalities or not. Besides, we had the opportunity to exchange knowledge on the project status on an ongoing basis, and we were continually learning new features.


Why did we face the whole project?

The biggest technical challenges turned out to be no surprises here. The platform is new, so some of the solutions that were in force in the old system we supported did not work in the new one, they had to be replaced by others. It is worth remembering that although the tool is different, some functions still need to work as before, according to the guideline provided by Renault, and that the user does not notice the change. So our role was to perfectly master the functions available in the tool to ensure the high quality of work to date.

Also, new tools for contact forms and related implementation problems were challenging to make them work as before. There were technical errors during testing related to the adaptation of content from the old page to the new one. Besides, Renault Headquarters strives to make the country pages look uniform, while at the same time preparing them locally for a given market. The pages may look different in different countries because users have different needs. Implementing the project simultaneously in four countries, we had to meet many organizational requirements in the team. We measured the timeliness and delivery of some aspects on the part of Renault Headquarters and representatives from individual countries, taking into account the delays on the client’s side and the need to adapt our work so that it would finish within the prescribed period. It happened that representatives on the client’s side in individual countries changed their decisions, or we had to adapt to current promotional campaigns (e.g., the new Renault Clio), where we had to adjust the banners on individual pages and provide users with necessary information.


The project delivered is an excellent job by our team

Well, what competencies do you need to have for this type of project to be successful? We thought about it, and we will mention a few:

  1. Communication skills in English – there is no other way to get along 🙂
  2. Diligence, accuracy – here we work with content; every detail matters because a website is a source of information for users. Hence, it just needs to work; we can’t forget to add some content or just make it look different from other websites.
  3. Flexibility and openness – especially for new technologies and solutions – along with the new platform, it is necessary to implement new functionalities and components.
  4. Excellent organization, timeliness – our work is to use CMS and enter the content that is later used, e.g., in marketing campaigns. There is no place here for slips or mistakes. Users must receive the information they need on time.
  5. Care for quality – we ensure quality of the site, select components, the appropriate weight of images, any delay on our part can delay campaigns, if there is no website, there is no campaign.
  6. Global view – you need to embrace the links between marketing and technology, be aware of solutions such as SEO or web analytics. You need comprehensive thinking and going beyond the schemes – the fields of knowledge intertwine, you must be open to the assimilation of new information.

You can follow the effects of our work on Renault websites in Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Hungary. Do you need a business partner to help coordinate a technologically advanced project globally? Or maybe you want to join a team of specialists managing content on websites? Contact us!


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