E-marketers are constantly searching for new ways to optimize their AdWords campaigns, in order to encourage potential customers to visit their stationary stores. With the help of a new kind of conversion tracking – Store Visit Conversions, it is now possible to see the impact that ad clicks will have on attracting customers to your physical location, such as a car showroom or restaurant.

Conversions for Visiting the Shop Floor

How does Store Visit Conversions work? Google estimates the number of visits from a store based on the location history of user smartphones to determine whether someone who has clicked on an AdWords ad has subsequently visited the physical location of the business. The data concerning site visits is based on anonymous statistics. AdWords then creates numerical models based on the current and historical number of people who clicked on an ad and later visited the shop in question. At the same time, Mountain View (Google HQ) reserves the right to prohibit data from being linked to individual ad clicks or specific individuals. This is to ensure the privacy of its users.

Store conversion data can help marketers understand which ad campaigns, keywords, and devices are most effective for attracting customers to their stores and ultimately boosts advertising spend benefits.

What technology is Google using?

The Google Team responsible for Store Visit Conversions uses a hybrid approach for aggregating the necessary data, combining a large number of data sources, including:

  • Data from Google Earth, Google Maps, and Street View
  • Mapping the coordinates of hundreds of millions of stores around the world
  • GPS Locations
  • Wi-Fi signals in-store
  • Query data on Google

In addition, Google conducted a survey with more than 5 million people to test the store visit process. This information was then used to update the algorithms, ultimately reporting a 99% accuracy in the results of the test.

Requirements for advertisers

Up until now, in-store conversions were available for only certain AdWords advertisers. To use AdWords effectively, it was necessary to have:

  • Many physical store locations in countries where this feature is supported.
  • Thousands of ad clicks and many store visits.
  • A Google My Business account linked to an AdWords account.
  • Location of each of your traditional stores created in your Google My Business account.

Store Visit Conversions are currently available in 11 countries; Unfortunately, Poland is not among them.

Advantages of tracking conversions by visiting a store

In anticipation of the emergence of Store Visit Conversions in Poland, we can already begin to explore how to use this to its full potential. Nissan has already shown the benefits that can arise from the use of Google AdWords in this way:

The video above highlights how Nissan UK used store conversion data to see which keywords and campaigns were driving people interested in buying a car to the dealers. This data was then used to create a ‘buyer’s travel map’ to effectively reach out to them at key moments in potential purchase decision moments, resulting in a twenty-fivefold return on investment.

Read more about Store Visit Conversions here.

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