I always wanted to become an IT-specialist. First time I realised it was in my very childhood, when I was sitting on my uncle’s knees who is a programmer, watching him playing computer games. That’s when I thought – “I want to be a programmer”. I was too young to understand being a programmer doesn’t mean playing computer games, though…

I started my way even from school with Logo, Basic, Pascal and Delphi. In university my skills evolved and I successfully finished Artificial Intelligence department at Kharkiv National University of Radio electronics, Ukraine.

Beginning of my career at Makolab was defined by combination of two factors – my love to Poland and realising Lodz is a real IT capital in this country. I started as a Junior Java Developer, evolved to regular one shortly and then I have completely dived into business analysis. This job gives me a real satisfaction as my analytical mind always demands challenging tasks.

When out of office my courage usually calms down and I try to switch myself to something more private. Most likely you will find me cooking something unusual or trying to get some beautiful sounds from my guitar strings if I am at home. “if” because travelling is my real passion – I’ve been to more than 15 countries in the last 5 years, so don’t be surprised if no one opens the door.

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