She is from Finland. She was supposed to work in prisons so studied criminology, but finally ended up in the marketing industry. Now she is Account Manager at MakoLab UK. Get to know Maiju Rahkama from MakoLab UK Team!


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1. What do you do at MakoLab?

I’m an account manager at Makolab UK. I manage day to day relationships with the UK clients providing support in client queries and managing weekly finance. I also engage in generating new leads and conduct administrative and office management duties.


2. What have you been doing earlier?

Before starting at Makolab UK I worked in hospitality, managing a pub for four years while completing my degree in health science. I also worked on and off in the music industry, supporting in marketing tasks, live music events and creating content for the company websites.


3. Tell something about you: where are you from, how did you start your adventure with digital marketing?

I was born in Finland in Helsinki and I moved to London when I was 19. I first wanted to work in prisons, so I studied criminology but didn’t finish my course as I was working full time. As I preferred to work instead of being a poor full-time student 😉, I then started a science degree at the open university which I was studying part-time and managed to complete last year. To gain knowledge in marketing, media and admin support I worked in a record label and a live music company. Following my graduation, I was looking for work in various jobs in marketing and music until my old friend Jonathan and I started talking about work and he convinced me I would do well as an account manager in digital and that’s how I got my current role at Makolab UK.


4. What are the areas of your job interests apart from digital ones? And how to use digital solutions to respond to people’s needs?

I’m really interested in the beauty industry and how digital solutions can be applied to increase customer interactivity and revenue. I think people nowadays are pickier and want to know how a product works for them instead of buying it based on a glossy advert. Therefore, technology like AR, VR and chatbots can really increase interactivity and product knowledge and enhance the customer experience.


5. What’s in your opinion the most important issue when it comes to customer care?

I think the most important aspect of customer care is listening to the customers and understanding their needs and requirements in order to provide the best solution.


6. Tell something more about your hobby and passions?

Now, as well as working at Makolab I’m also doing bar work which I really enjoy. In my spare time, I like to adventure around London as there’s always something fun to do. I’m very passionate about skincare and the chemistry behind different ingredients in products due to studying science. My friends think I’m crazy since I have a huge collection of creams and serums which I’m struggling to fit in my room, but I’m fascinated to find new products to try 😊.

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