3rd-year student of Computer Science at the Technical University of Lodz. Every day busy, ever-talking on the phone Chairman of the Student Government. A jack of all trades. He has a lot of work, but part of his vacation has decided to spend on his internship at MakoLab as a Project Manager. Meet him!


How did you find out about MakoLab?

In March 2017 I had the opportunity to run a scholarship grants for the best students of the Technical University of Lodz gala organized by the Technical University of Lodz Foundation. One of the people handing out the awards was Michał Hertel, as the marketing director of MakoLab later revealed. I looked through the website and decided that I would send my CV there for a holiday home.

What are you interested in?

The area of my interests is very broad. I really like Polish rap, I’m up to date with the NBA. When it comes to the activities of the Student Government, I am interested in the higher education sector. Recently I’ve become a Student Affairs Officer of the Polish Accreditation Commission. As a result, I can still develop my interest in higher education. I like also watching Nolan’s movies.

What do you do apart from studying?

For more than a year I have been the President of the Student Government of the Technical University of Lodz. This is a very developing, yet highly absorbing occupation. I often lack the time for private life, but at the same time, I feel great satisfaction with the quality of the projects implemented by the Student Government.

What are you doing at MakoLab?

At MakoLab I am taking part in two projects. In one of them, I am Project Manager Assistant. This is a big project related to the automotive industry. The second “my” project is about developing a visual identity for the event that will take place in Łódź in late November. Besides, I’m still developing in the marketing department. I think that the experience I gained through the activity of the Student Government is very useful in my work.

Do you find yourself in what you do at MakoLab?

The tasks I am facing up to are very interesting. Working as a Project Manager is something I would like to do in the near future, but I need to gain a lot of experience to do it. At MakoLab I have a great opportunity to get it. After two months I am aware of the skills I have and what I still have to work on to be even more competent.

Michał Hertel:

I met Dominik for the first time during one of the events the ICT Polska Central Cluster partnered. In fact, one of my colleagues actively participating in the Cluster introduced him to me and recommended him for an internship. And I must say that I am very grateful for this recommendation (thank you Mariusz).

Dominik was immediately thrown in at the deep end and engaged in two ongoing projects. His experience of working in Student Government was a major factor determining his approach to the tasks (deadlines were not bizarre to him, as well as great interpersonal skills such as communicativeness and ability to find solutions instead of problems). We, in turn, gave Dominik the opportunity to get acquainted with the advanced design tools we use and enter the project design model. Definitely the win-win situation.

Because the cooperation worked out very well, we extended Dominik’s internship for another month. At the beginning of the new academic year, Dominik returns for the full time to study and work in the Student Government, but he knows perfectly well that the door in Mako is open to him.
Dominik, thank you and good luck!

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